Christmas Light Table Decoration




Hello, Hello


Ho,Ho,Hoo :)

the christmas coming and the decoration too.

I wish to share a little idea for your christmas table and recycling everyday items.

easy, simple and cheap

Step 1: You Need a Simple Think

what you need:

-Light christmas garland

-Babypot recycling

-Piece of wood (60 X 80 X 600) mm

Step 2: Wood Preparing

you need to check the size of the top pot and the depth for the bigest hole

make some marks fairly on the wood and start drill at 8 or 10 (for the first hole you need to cross the wood)

and finish with the bigest hole (check your depth)

On the orther side you need to cut in the middle of the wood with a circular saw (just few milimeter +/- 4)

it's to guide the light string

Step 3: The Garland Step

for me it was easy!

50 light and 5 hole = 10 light per hole ^^

little trick! use a pincil to push the light :)

Step 4: Baby Pot

now you juste need to add the pot!

an other trick: you can customized your pot with paint, glitters, etc...

Have a good christmas ;)

I hope this little decoration give you a lot of ideas :D





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