Christmas Light Installation for Vinyl Windows




After years of hanging our Christmas lights on the vinyl windows in my home I have found a great way to install them.

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need a few supplies,

1. A tape measure (not pictured here).
2. ½ inch Scotch double sided tape.
3. Metal shears or Hacksaw.
4. Plastic panel end cap molding.
The plastic trim molding can be found at Home Depot. It comes in 8’ lengths.

Step 2: Molding

Measure your window length and width and cut your trim pieces. I tend to cut them short on the corners to make the installation easier.

Step 3: Tape

Put the tape on the back of the trim and attach them to the glass right up against the vinyl frame.

Step 4: Trim

You can cut the trim around the locks.

Step 5: Installation

Install the lights by pushing the wire into the molding.

Starting at the bottom right or left corner, working your way up to the top of the windows.  Then across the bottom of the top window then down and across the top of the bottom window, then down again working your way around the window. Use a wooden dowel to push the wire in this will save your fingers.

Step 6: Enjoy!

This molding does not interfere with the operation of the window once the lights are removed. The lights are easily removed by simply pull the light string out.  These can be used year round for all holidays!

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    16 Discussions


    Tip 8 months ago on Step 3

    Actually started using a clear silicone for the adhesive. Working great and don't discolor

    1 reply

    Reply 8 months ago

    thank you so much....just moved into a new house myself....did the same ....i did make an update recently ...i don't know if you have seen it but instead of double sided tape i use clear silicone to fasten the tracking now it doesn't discolor over the years....great photo.... enjoy and pass it on!!


    Tip 8 months ago on Step 5

    I have such a hassle for years. Happen to run across this idea and gave it a whirl. Works like a champ and was able to make a big statement on my new house. Thanks for the idea Patrick. Keep them coming, Hooah.


    3 years ago

    Just kidding uncle pat this works great! I love it...


    3 years ago

    I have had these up for two years now and the light install gets easier each time. I find myself using lights for all holidays now,,,,, this is a no brainer!

    I want to thank everyone that had time to view my first instructable. and special thanks to all those who considered it a favorite. This will inspire me to post more ideas! Thanks again


    5 years ago

    Very good idea. Thanks for sharing.


    5 years ago

    favourited this 1 for next crimbo.