Christmas Lights - LED Curtain Ws2811




Introduction: Christmas Lights - LED Curtain Ws2811

Hi. This is my first project uploaded on Instrucables.

I had couple of WS2811 LED strips sitting in drawer for last year.

Finally I've decided to make a use of them and build LED curtain to go on my bedroom window.

Result in my opinion is great.

Step 1: What You Need

I had 33 strips of 58 leds ws2811 already cut from some previous project. I was lucky because 58 leds length is hight of my bedroom window. To cover full width of the window I had to keep 35mm gaps between strips.

To power all the lights I used 200W 5V 40A power supply adapter. To drive programm you will need Led Controller t1000s.

Step 2: Making Frame

To make a frame I used two sticks. On on bottom and one on top. On the bottom stick I run two 2.5mm wires to supply 5v.

Step 3: Adding Strips

To attach strips I used hot glue gun.

Step 4: Wiring

Each strip is connected to power supply wires. Depending on length of the strips you may need to connect power on both ends of each strip.

Data cable from T1000s controller is connected to first led on first strip. Make sure you have correct direction of strips.

Step 5: Programming

To program t1000s you will need free software called Lededit. Usually it's saved on sd card that comes with controller. Sofftware itself is very easy to understand.

If you need manual you can find one here :

In my case I used tool to capture live video from youtube but you can upload your own video or type in your text.

Good luck and thank you.



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So I'm new to the addressable LED Strip Lights. So I'm looking for help with doing projects like your video you have posted here.

So I have a few different kinds of the addressable WS2801 5V and 12v and a couple sets of the addressable WS2811B and I have a T1000s controller.

So I want to make a window display video for like birthdays, holidays or whatever else that comes up.

So I was hoping that I could get someone to help/write the program for me on a SD card so that I could use that to get started and then also help me on learning to do the code to do other projects like videos and to say like Happy Birthday so and so or other kinds of words.

So can you/anyone be willing to help me out with this? I would be greatful for any help that I could get with this. I didn't realize just how complicated this could be when I started buying the addressable strip lights. And some of the sellers made it sound easy just to get the sale and that is why I have a few different kinds of the addressable strip lights now.

Thank you and I hope that I can learn how to do these addressable strip lights.


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Hi, thanks for your interest in building similar project. First of all you need to decide about which strip you gonna use as the t1000 can support only one type at the time so you can’t mix them together. T1000 is operating at 5v so to avoid hassle of different voltages you should use 5v leds. In my case ws1811 worked perfectly.
Choose your led type on LedEdit software.As an advice before you start to cut them try to connect one long strip into t1000 and load any of the preselected colors or animation in LedEdit. It is only to check if you get any responce.
If you get lights working than you can start designing layout.
Make sure you follow right direction guided by arrows on the strip.
Count lines and columns and repeat your layout in the program.
Select first led where is your conection for data input.
At this point all the fun begins.
You can add text, capture video or add patterns. Send it to formated SD card and insert in T1000.
Enjoy light show.

Thank you so very much for getting back to me on my questions that I asked you.
So could I send you a SD Card and could you put in some of your programs on it so that I can always look at your programs so that I can run your programs and also be able to look at your programs so if I am having a hard time with doing the programs, I can always look at your programs to see what I need to do.
And I hope that you don't mind all of my questions.
So let me know if it wouldn't be to much to ask about sending you a SD card and have you put in some of your programs on it.
Thank you so much for getting back to me on this,

Hi John, I don't mind to send you some program but first...
You need to start from beginning. Animation programm is the simplest part of this project. First you have to decide what lights are you gonna use, how long are your strips, how many rows , how many lines you gonna have (how many pixels ) Before you even start to cut them you need to learn how to connect T1000 with the strip. Most important is how you gonna connect 5v power supply. Have you tried LedEdit software yet? Did you get any of the strips working with your controller? Without this basics you wont be able to move to the next step. Like I said before my advice to you would be : start from beginning: connect your controller and try to get any light. When you manage this I will help you to design lines and rows. Btw , no need to send SD card , programs could be send via internet.

I have a question about the lights. I went through my lights to see what I have. And it turns out that I have both 5v and 12v 2811. And I'm going to have to order a few more sets of these lights. So other then voltage, is there any difference with the lights?
Because if not I will look at both voltages to see what I can find. If there is then I can order the 5v lights. I'm going to need 5 more set's to do the window in the front of my house. So the window measures 54 inches wide by 42 inches high.
And it will take 36 LED's per strip and about 42 strips to go across the window with a little gap between each strip I figures.
I have connected the lights to the controller a few times now and I don't have a problem doing that now.
And I figure that I will run the power wire's along the bottom of the frame so that I can connect the strips to the wires. I have experience with running power wire's and stuff because I have been doing High Powered Rocketry for many years and I have built a lot of altimeter bay's for rockets so I'm pretty good about running wires.
So now I'm trying to figure out wghat voltage lights that I should buy.
I have looked at the LedEdit software but I haven't done much with it because I don't want to mess it up. So I think that I will make a copy of my SD card this way I can always restore the card back to where it was if I have a problem.
And again Thank you so much for all of your help with this. I'm looking forward to learn something new from you.

So I ordered 12 rolls of 5m 300 LED WS2812B individual addressable strip lights. And I was thinking about cutting each roll of strip lights into 4’ 1” on each roll so that I will get 4 strips per roll and 75 LED lights per strip. And I have 2 T1000s controllers and 3 5v 60A power supplies.
So can you think of anything else that I would need to get started on this?
If I don’t need to get anything else right now then I’m wondering if you can help me with getting started on making the LED curtain like the one you made. So I’m hoping that you will have the time to help me out with the layout of the lights. So what do you recommend for me to do on the next step? And I can cut the strips to the same size that you have if it makes it easier for you. Because when we was talking, you was saying that you could send me the program/programs that you have so that I can put them on my SD card. And if it isn’t a problem I would like to keep it at the 75 lights per strip.
But I’m willing to make it to what ever size that will work out with you and any kind of programming that you could email me.
Sorry about taking so long to get back to you on this but it took me a little time to get the LED strips.
And Thank you for talking the time to help me on this,

I love this idea. Is there a way to scale the project down? I don't need it to be that big and more of a square... Thanks!

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Yes, its easy to do any size but you need a power supply suitable for the size. Mine is 1800 pixels and with 60mA per pixel on maximum brightness full white its 108 amps. Its highly unlikely all would be full brightness full white but I'm using 2 PSU's at 80 A and 40 A but have a switch for just running off the 80 amp PSU. I will have to write an instructable because it's not as simple as just coneting 2 PSU's together.


1 year ago

Had a couple... 33 strips xD

Looks amazing!!


2 years ago

Fantastic idea! Looks brilliant!!