Christmas Mini-Stocking

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So make these Christmas mini-stockings to hang by the virtual fireplace on your computer monitor or anywhere else that would look cute. Yeah, I would have made the giant sized or normal ones but this time shrinkage is okay. Fill with treats and attach anonymously to computer monitors at the office for that secret Santa gift. Spread good cheer.

You can sew these by hand or zip through them with a sewing machine. Add a few details and you're done.

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Step 1: Dig for Scraps...

Since this project is so small, you can use your cloth scraps to make the stocking. You should have plenty left over to make a few stockings for friends and family.

You will need a larger piece of material for the stocking "body"
and a smaller piece of material of contrasting material for the stocking "fur trim".

You will need to print out an appropriately sized image for the figure that you want to appear hugging the stocking.


  • Sewing skillz
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tape

Step 2: Trim the Top...

The piece for the main body of your stocking should be about 8 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall.

The "fur trim" piece should be about 8 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

Line up both pieces together on the long edge.

Sew a straight seam down the edge to join the two pieces.

Sew a second seam parallel to the first about 3/4 inch next to the first seam.

Step 3: Put a Step on It...

Pull the trim material up and fold the entire piece in half vertically. You should see the back of the double seam of the trim piece. We want this to be inside out. The folded side will be the back edge of your stocking.

Using a marker, pen, pencil or tailor's chalk, draw the outline of the stocking. You don't have to be too exact. If you can't draw, imagine a big thick Letter "L" and round off the front and heel.

Run this through the sewing machine following the outline of your drawing. I did a double seam just to make it stronger since I might be stuffing the stocking with goodies.

After sewing, trim away the leftover excess material outside of your sewn seam. Also trim any loose and hanging threads.

Now flip the whole thing inside out. Use your fingers to jam out the tip of the stocking. You can also use a blunt tool like a pen or chopsticks to push out and round the front of the stocking.

Tuck back in the raw edge of the trim. You should now have a nice looking stocking.

Step 4: Who's the Figurehead?

Print out an image of the person you want to appear hugging the stocking. You should print it out on cardstock to make it easier to work with. If not, just glue it onto an index card to give it the proper stiff upper lip, if not already.

Staple the cut out image to the back of the stocking. I think this process may be painless unless the staple is caught on your finger.

To make the arms, enlarge the same image to about half page. If you don't have a set of arms to cut out, draw arms and hands on a spot on the picture where you can utilize the same colors.

Cut out the arms and hands and attach to the back of your figurehead which is already attached to the stocking.

Bend the arms around front to check for correct placement.

Use double sided tape or roll up some tape on itself to stick the arms and hands in position.

Step 5: Who's Socks Are These?

Embellish the stocking with additional trim. Bedazzle it. Personalize the stocking by adding names using sparkles and glue or embroidery.

Fire up a video of the classic "Yule Log" and enjoy trying to stay up late waiting for you-know-who to squeeze down the chimney. Don't forget to put out the milk and cookies.

If you are on the nice list, you may get what you wished for. Others will get a lump of coal. :(

Happy holidays, everyone!

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