Christmas Nativity Village Scene

Introduction: Christmas Nativity Village Scene

For this coming Holiday Season we dedided to build a Christmas Nativity village scene

We wanted to use both recycled and commercial items along with natural items.

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Step 1: Forming the Mountain

We've stopped at some garbage bins and picked up a few fruit wooden boxes, cardboard boxes and styrofoams.
Oh Oh Oh, and an euro palette!

We've stopped at some wharehouse stores and bought a few decorations items (miniature houses and decor materials);

We've stopped at a forest nearby and picked up some small wood pieces from the ground.

Then we've "cleaned" an area at our attic -
the perfect place for the mountain to grow and the village to take place.

And we've started the building process

We needed:
Mountain trails;
Christ birth manger;
A village, for the houses.
A cascade / water fall, a river and a lake, all with running water.

We've set-up the recovered garbage items and essayed several layouts; took a bit to get the layout that suited us most.

Step 2: "Foaming" the Mountain and Carving the River

We fixed all the item together (with white glue and styrofoam glue).

We've built some caves with foam, using small boxes as model.

We've built the rocks with foam, using our imagination.

We've built the river modeling the styrofoam using a kitchen gas torch.

We've built the lake using a kitchen metal pan.

Step 3: Keeping Parts Together

We've styrofoamed the rocks; this also allowed all the pieces stucking together

Step 4: Taking Shapes; and Colours!!

After shaping it was time for colouring.

Step 5: Going Green, With Nature's Help

Then Mother Nature stepped in

Step 6: Village Places Taking Place

We created several "appointments" / scenes whitin the big scene

Step 7: Testing the Waters and Continuing on the Green Path

The electrics were tested along with the running water and it's waterfall.
We did wanted a waterfall that would produce a nice sound of water running. We've achieved that goal.

Step 8: Final Touches

Last fine tuning, just in time for Christmas !

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Oh cool and huge set indeed! i wonder where can i get Super foam in Hong Kong... A small question, does the super foam smell strong? i see you did that indoor


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is really beautiful!! I love to create the nativity village every year...I should start using foam too because the result is great!