Christmas Ornament, Inside Out Turning




As the silly season is almost upon us , I thought it wood be a go idea to try my hand at turning an ornament on the lathe .

Starting by ripping down some scrap pine to 4 lengths by 25 mm x 25mm. They were held together with hot glue and the inside was turn . Next the 4 blanks where pull apart and glued back together , and what was once the outside now become the inside of the ornament . Once the shape was achieved the sanding started with 120 grit and worked my way up to 1200 .Super glue (C.A.glue) was added as the first coat a light sand with 000 steel wood and then the final coat was added . Im slowly getting used to what all the lathe chisels do and what not to do with them Overall Im very pleased with the end results

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    2 years ago

    Nice job. Its hard to tell what tools you're using but I thought I saw you using a gouge as a scraper. These youtubers are a great source of information: Carl Jacobson, Mike Waldt and Wyomingwoodturner (Sam Angelo). Also if you speak Spanish Miguel Sanchez.

    2 replies
    Big Nick 1967Sebafleb

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi Seba

    Thank you for your kind words . Yes , I have watching many you-tube clips of all the people you mention , They are all a wealth of information

    Ive only had my lathe for a month or so and the chisel you see me use ,come with the 2nd hand lathe . So im very new to turning and i really dont know what each chisel does .Im slowly learning and with time i will buy a good set of turning tools ...Onche again Thank you

    IanJC78Big Nick 1967

    Reply 2 years ago

    Harbor Fright cheap set of lath tools. Cheap tools all around. After you find the ones you really like then go buy the good ones.