Christmas Ornament Storage



Simplified Ornament Storage
(or hardware storage)

(This is kind of silly, but it's my first Instructable, and a chance to see how to use Instructables)

If you were like us, storing ornaments in their original little boxes at times, or wrapping them in tissue or packing paper, it takes forever to unwrap and hang ornaments. All the while, little boxes and paper are everywhere, let alone the time it takes to re-wrap/re-box them all.

Save time and clutter by using those empty, plastic coffee containers that always went out to the recycle bin, for ornaments.

These little containers are the perfect size not to break ornaments by overpacking while protecting. Fill in spaces around large ornaments with smaller ones. Don't put heavy ornaments on delicate ones. Then, we can stack them at least 2 levels high inside a large plastic storage tote.

Throw out all the permanent perfection paper/boxes, and load up these containers! Start saving them now - grab them at work before they go to the trash.

For us, this sped up unpacking and repacking, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to me, condensed our storage down to one large tote full these coffee containers.

These containers are also great to store random pieces of hardware too (hooks, plastic/rubber bumpers, bolts, nuts, washers, etc. - I do a quick-strip of hardware from anything that goes to the trash). Also kids like them in the sand. And, finally, grab one and fill it with what you need for a home task, using it as a single job toolbox... like picture hanging stuff. Store those wet sponges, scrubbers and brushes in them after you clean the shower/tub/sink.

Step 1: Save Containers!

Step 2: Repeat Step 1.



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