Christmas Ornaments From Light Bulbs





Introduction: Christmas Ornaments From Light Bulbs

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Create beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations with old light bulbs. So you've made the change to fluorescent light bulbs. What should you do with those old energy wasting bulbs? Decorate your tree with it!



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    I have no picture or instructions!!

    I have no picture

    why are you all paying so much attention to none-sense? Christmas tree ornaments out of old light bulbs you say...

    how else is she going to get views? come on now. I was trying to enjoy the video but her belly button distracted me to much. :)

    Seeing as how most of her other 'ibles are how to make different clothing, she probably made the outfit and is using this instructable to showcase it. i dont see a problem with it.

    Obviously she doesn't have to so I assume she likes to be halfdressed since she often is in her instructables. Personally I find it wrecks her credibility as a builder by playing "sexy stereotype" for the camera. Good project-video though. A fun thing to with the kids for christmas if nothing else.

    Wait-- fun for the kids to see her half-naked? Sorry if I read it wrong, but I stayed up till 4 AM gluing carboard pieces together... Now I need to eat lunch and glue some more presision cardboard...............................................................................oops lol my hand died on the period. LOL I think i'll go nap

    Ha. that is tired! Thanks for sharing instead of editting. Causei have also Been there. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Of course not, I'll watch it with the kids and explain how Giannyl has selfesteem-issues from living in a suppressive patriarchal socioty that treat women as mens sex-objects. I will also explain that if we look past that we can see how talented she really is. Not that I have any doubt that they'll know this already ;)

    I know you won't ever see this, but she's made it clear in a few of her videos that she's in South America. Meaning it's summer when Christmas happens. Meaning it's not weird at all for her to be in light weight clothing.

    That is the kind of comment that gives geeks/nerds a bad name. If a beautiful girl wants to be half naked, let her and encourage her. I don't want to live in a world where a beautiful woman can't be crafty in sexy clothing.

    Right on, if you can't have half naked girls on the internet then were can you have half naked girls.