Christmas Ornaments Made From Blown Eggs

Introduction: Christmas Ornaments Made From Blown Eggs

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I had the idea of carving a bunch of saints, but instead of real saints, they'd be communist leaders/thinkers.  After deciding that whittling them was going to be too difficult, I decided to just paint them on blown eggs in the style of some eggs that I had from the Czech Republic.  I've never been much of a painter (you can see, Lenin looks a tad too much like Butthead...), but I think everything ends up looking ok when you're painting in miniature.  I ended up with this set, which I'm calling Communeggs (though a better name would be welcome).  Still missing one to make it an even half dozen. I'm thinking to do Rosa Luxembourg just to throw slightly more gender balance in there.  These are christmas ornaments but, more importantly, they're my dad's xmas present. 

I drilled holes in the eggs with a pin vise, blew the eggs, washed them, allowed them to dry, and then painted them with acrylic paint and liquid gold leaf.  I coated them with clear nail polish (i didn't wait long enough, as is evident from some smudging on the halos).  If I were to do it again, I'd use the spray-on acrylic sealer, maybe in matte, though I kinda like them shiny. 



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    I feel like, with as small as I made the holes in either end, it would be pretty tough to get the wax hot enough and contained enough to easily coat the inside with wax, but maybe if I did it before painting...

    Thanks for the idea!

    This is pretty hilarious, but I'd fear breakage.  I don't know much about blown eggs, but would it be possible to coat the inside with epoxy to make them less breakable?
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    Thanks! You'd be surprised, actually.  Eggs are pretty strong, especially with the coat of nail polish.  The eggs that inspired this I got from the Czech republic 4 or 5 years ago.  I had them hanging in my window for the past year and a half and only just recently did two of them break in a giant windstorm and they weren't coated in anything.  

    That said, you could probably fill them with something.  If that foam that hardens doesn't expand too much (I've never used it), that would probably be a good bet.  Otherwise another coat of epoxy or acrylic sealer on the inside would probably also work.  Whatever you use it probably has to be applicable using something no bigger than a cocktail straw, as that was the size of the holes I made.

    That's mighty impressive that they lasted so long.  My cats would have destroyed them much quicker than that.  Expanding foam is an interesting thought, but it expands so quickly that if you added too much, it might break the egg.  Still...  it might be worth a try.

    Also, I think it would be absolutely adorable to package these up in an egg carton with some sort of communist egg label on it, and if you don't get to the 12th egg, you could crumble some shells and call it the Romanov Autocracy or just leave it empty with a sad label for where it should have been.  You could totally sell those and make a small fortune.

    That's exactly my thought.  Actually, I have a half-dozen carton that I'm using.  Still working on the label.  I was thinking of basing it on the Humane Harvest label that is already on it.  I think I'll do a rising sun pattern and maybe a more robust-looking farmer (or maybe chickens queuing up for food?).

    While I would really appreciate earning a small fortune, I find it hard to imagine there's much of a market for these outside of my dad.  But maybe it's time to open an etsy store :)