Christmas Party Earrings With Attiny85

Introduction: Christmas Party Earrings With Attiny85

Christmas party earrings with snowflakes effect on OLED display.

Parts: smd attiny85

smd capacitor 100nF

CR1625 battery (or CR1620)

I2C 0.91" 128x32 blue OLED LCD Display

2Position Micro Slide Toggle Switch

Earrings are small, light and possible to be worn during party. CR1625 battery has sufficient capacity for running for about 5 hours and more - I have slowed down CPU frequency to 1MHz for that reason.

PCB is thin 0.6mm.

Program is made in Arduino IDE, is very simple and snowflakes are represented by asterisks for simplier code. Tiny4kOLED can be downloaded here: .

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Step 1: Code

Step 2: Schema and Pcb

Step 3: Gallery

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    26 days ago

    I like how tiny this whole circuit is! Well done!