Christmas Special - Santa Detector and More

Merry Christmas!! This video will show you how to build your own santa detector using the raspberry pi and the waved system. Also it will be showing how to use bluetooth with the raspberry pi and the intel edison to communicate. Grab a cup of hot coco and sit by the fire and enjoy.

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Step 1: How to Build the Santa Detector and Automated Home

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys and gals!!

This video demonstrates how to use the raspberry pi, intel edison, weaved system, and webiopi to create an automated home as well as a Santa detector, for when you

need to know when the BIG MAN has brought the goods!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

Raspberry pi setup bluetooth Command: sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez-utils blueman

initial setup of wifi Intel Edison

how to default load wifi on Intel Edison

Sparkfun Breakout Board

Ic Station 20W Buck Converter

Ic Station Single Pole Relay

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