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Introduction: Christmas Stamps

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Making Stamps the easy way....

Step 1: What You Need.....

1. Foam figures

2. Thin plywood

3. Small block of wood

4. Scrollsaw

5. Contact cement

6. Small clamps

Buy some foam figures and trace them on a piece of plywood.

So the will be easier to work with. And to give them more strenght.

Cut them out with a scrollsaw.

Draw some lines on the block of wood and cut them into lenghts.

Step 2: Glue Them...

Use the contact cement to glue the blocks on the back cover.

Hold them down with small clamps.

When the blocks are glued to the back remove the clamps.

Glue the front of the plywood with contact cement en also the backside of the foam figures.

Let them dry for a minute and than press the foam on the plywood.

Step 3: The Final Test....

Use a inkpad and try the stamps...

You see ... that's how easy it is to make you own stamps.

Wanna see what I did with the Stamps ....

Watch my other video and Instructions



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    These look fab! The designs came out nice and clear as well. Great job :)