Christmas Tree

Introduction: Christmas Tree

We all like gifts but more if is homemade , that is why i am sharing this instructible for all of those who want to give something special . If you really want do do this your self just follow the steps .

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Step 1: Base

  1. go to tinker cad and click and drag a cylinder from the Basic shapes bar .
  2. edit the cylinder by editing the height and width by first clicking the little square at the top and the drag or type 4 in the rectangle that show the height .
  3. now for the width click the little square at the bottom left and change the width by clicking the rectangle at the left and change it by 40 and repeat the same thing with the other rectangle at the bottom so that the width is even in all sides , now you have a base .
  4. (there's pictures at the top that could help to make the base )

Step 2: First Layer of Tree

  1. scroll down in the column of basic shapes till you find a star (you might need four more for the rest of the tree )
  2. now as the same you did with the base you would change just the width .
  3. then for the width click the square at the bottom left and change it to 36.(make sure to do it from both sides or it would be uneven .

Step 3: Making Second Layer

  1. again you will need another star.
  2. as like you did to others change the width by 26
  3. and there you have your second layer .

Step 4: Now Third Layer

  1. get another star
  2. again change the width by 20.

Step 5: Last Layer

  1. grab a star as you did for the other ones .
  2. change width by 10 but this time you will change the height by 6 .

perhaps if you want you can add more layers but i think that with 4 is just enough .

Step 6: Star

if you want a star you can follow this step, but i think that the star is something important to add .

  1. fist take a star and change the width by 6 and height by 2 .
  2. then rotate 90 degrees.
  3. then you click on it the star and then duplicate by clicking in the top left corner were there is a symbol of three papers on top of each other ,or simply just click Ctrl-D .
  4. then hit the letter M or click on Flip that is in the top right ( two parallel triangles )
  5. then click the line that has two arrows going left and right (opposite direction )
  6. now click workplace and put it at the back of one of the stars .
  7. try to put the back of the other star be just glued to the other back so that it is one 3D star .
  8. now move the cube around so that you make sure that the stars are placed exactly and perfectly back to back.
  9. then highlight them together and group them (Ctrl-G), so that is only one piece.

now you have a star and be ready to put all pieces together.

Step 7: Put Pieces Together

1.Highlight all of the 6 pieces together.
2.And select a line or you can try to put them together in order from the base to the star by just clicking on them and dragging it up or down.
Now you can group the pieces together and 3D print it.

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    2 years ago

    Very nice tree! I can tell you put a lot of work into it!