Christmas Tree Disposal Wrap




Introduction: Christmas Tree Disposal Wrap

The only thing worse than the holidays being over, you go into "all work no play" season, you have a new date to mistype for about six months and a new monthly payment for the gym you won't attend after January, is taking down and storing all the decorations and getting a dried out Christmas tree out of your living room. Much like finding sand anywhere and everywhere for months after going to the beach, the same can be said for pine needles after New Years.
This year I decided to combat this issue. In the past I've tried numerous approaches, from shrink wrap to bailing twine to a mulcher in the doorway. (Don't try it)
Here is my idea for this year. I will update it with the final steps when I bag and tag the tree. If you decide to try this, I guess we will all know how well it works at that point.

Step 1: Material List

2-4 Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags (Hefty Brand w/ flat, non-pleated bottom)
Duct Tape

Step 2: Tool List


Step 3: Number of Bags

The number of trash bags you use, depends on the height of your tree. The combined length of the bags (top to bottom) should be a foot or so more than the height of your tree. I used three bags for a 7 foot tree.

Step 4: Preparation

Cut the very bottom edge of all but the final/bottom bag. For my assembly, this was two of the three total bags.

Step 5: Arrangement

Line bags up on an open, smooth space of floor. Bottom, cut ends of the bags should meet edge to edge with the drawstring edge of the next. Leave as little gap as possible and avoid any overhang.

Step 6: Assembly

Tear or cut a piece of duct tape that is slightly longer than the width of the bags. Lay the tape across the seam of the bags, using the lower edge of the drawstring as a guide. Once laid, press and slide your hands across the length of the tape to fully adhere. Repeat for as many seams that you have. Flip the bags and do the same for the opposite side. If you left a little tape over hanging each side this will help the two sides join as one continuous piece.

Step 7: Make Way for the Trunk

Locate the bottom edge of your bag assembly, it should still be intact/uncut. Find the center of this edge. Cut a half moon with about the same diameter or radius of your trees trunk. Tear or cut (8) strips of duct tape about 6 inches long. With the diameter of about 14-16 inches, tape half of a hexagon around the parameter of the hole you cut. The two side pieces will be half on the bag and half hanging over the edge. Flip the edge up and fold the tape over and apply the remaining three pieces. The remaining bag within the taped ring will stretch but the tape will not. You may need to adjust based on the tree base you use. (See next step if you need a visual for what I mean)

Step 8: Install on Tree Base

Open the top of the completed bag assembly and open all the way to the bottom. Holding opposite sides gather up the bag in each had to form a donut shaped bunch.
Remove one of the four tree support screws from the tree stand. Stretch the bottom opening over the three remaining screws, then stretch far enough to install the fourth screw.
Stand your tree as usual and cover the base and bag assembly with a tree skirt.

Step 9: Bag and Disposal

After Christmas you should be able the pull the bag up over the entire tree and remove from your house with minimal shedding.

I will post pictures and an update when I perform this step on my own.

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