Christmas Tree PCB

Introduction: Christmas Tree PCB

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Instead of buying a generic Christmas present I created this small Christmas tree out of PCBs and added these lovely RGB LEDs that fade out into different colors.


Soldering iron

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Step 1: Design and Order

This Christmas tree is designed as a three PCB's soldered vertically one to another. There are no 3D printed parts or extra DIY parts, all you need is PCB's that you order, SMT components and a soldering iron.

Christmas tree consists of 20x 0805 LED spots that you can mount all kinds of LEDs. Blinking ones, fade-in out, programmable, etc..

To power the device I use two CR2032 batteries. Every LED is paired with one resistor, choosing a higher value resistor will dim the lights but extend the battery life. Here I provided you with a list of every component used in this build.

Step 2: Results

I hope you like this short Instructables! Feel free to leave a comment :)

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