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Introduction: Christmas Tree Trunk Wreath

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This is a wreath made from Christmas tree trunk slices. I made this from left over tree trunks that we sliced off of Christmas trees to give them what we call a "fresh" cut. It allows the tree to soak up more water, so I've heard. And so this is where our instructable begins with a simple tree trunk cutting.

Step 1: Make a Circular Hoop

So like most wreaths you need a hoop. My hoop was made with branches that I cut and trimmed off the branches and then used leftover twine that we cut off the Christmas trees. The challenge I made to myself was that my mom gets a kick out of diy projects and loves when I make them from scratch without buying anything. I came close but I did need some more stuff to make this hoop out of branches work right. The key elements are:
1.) lots of glue gun glue
2.) about 2 wire hangers

The wire hangers I wrapped around the branches in a coil motion to give the wreath hoop more support and "circularness ". Which by the way does allow you to conform it better.

Step 2: Wreath and Add-on Ornaments

Here is the wreath in completion. I had access to a tree tent because I worked in one this year. We were very giving of branches and stumps this year so any Christmas tree tent will probably give you these things. If not different material might work too. Be creative. Anyway Merry Christmas Instructable world! Have a Happy New Year too!

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