Christmas Tree Village Tree Display


Introduction: Christmas Tree Village Tree Display

I used a router with a circle cutting jig, but you can use a jig saw.

Step 1: Materials Needed....

1 - 4x8 sheet plywood (have your favorite home store but in half for easier handling)

4 - 2x4x8 (I used studs, but the key is to find the straightest boards you can)

wood glue

2-1/2" wood screws

1-1/2" wood screws

screw gun


I also used a router and chop saw, but if you only have a jig saw, it is perfect by its self.

Step 2: Cut ... It ... Out ...

measure and cut out your circles. (print out the plans, on how to lay out your circles.

I used the router with a circle cutting jig.

measure and cut center post. glue and screw together for center post.

measure and cut 2X4s for legs and braces.

screw everything together don't use glue so it can taken apart for storage.

Step 3: Decorate

wrap garland, lights, and white fluffly material around posts and circles.

decorate with houses.




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    Awe, this is a great idea for the holidays! I love setting up little Christmas villages!