Christmas Tree With Fabric Scraps

Introduction: Christmas Tree With Fabric Scraps

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To get started you must have the cutting pattern to the height that you want, you start with a rectangle, for which this image was developed with a altua 1.30 meters wide by 70 centimeters, that is the pattern cut, it must be remembered that the cutting pattern must be greater than sewing pattern or it will be smaller than that desired.
For example a pattern of 2 centimeters costrura so finally I remain of 1.26 meters high and 56 centimeters wide was left.

Step 1: Christmas Fabrics

Pick three Christmas fabrics, for each color you need one and a half cloth bearing in mind that the top of the fabric is 1.50 meters. Preferably they are of the same type of fabric. Of course you can also fabrics that you have at home or in your workshop.

Step 2: Cut and Sew

Using the trace pattern Christmas tree on textiles reverse them and cut, then with ayudad of a sewing machine one edge, leaving pregar the foot of the tree, to fill with silicone foam or the filling you want, but remember that the tree should be up and light.

Step 3: Fill and Shape the Tree

After joining the cuts have to flip the pattern do not forget the emergence on the tips of the tree to keep the continuity of the seam (as seen in the image). And how patterns are ready should get started to fill without forgetting go shaping the ends, otherwise the points will remain unfilled and is going to look bad. Finally to close the seam with a needle and thread.

Step 4: Join and Sew

There are two ways to attach the tree to give it its final shape.
The unused: you can join all the cuts back before filling, but somehow this can be a bit difficult when shaping to fill with stuffing. Which use: after all partrones have filled and closed, proceed to make two groups of three with a seam joining the inside edges mattress; aguna and then with a large wire six sides of the tree are joined using a sewing inter lineada 10 centimeters and closing with a strong knot.

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    4 years ago

    This is a great idea. Nicely done!