Christmas Tree for Memories




Introduction: Christmas Tree for Memories

There are endless ways to use old things and this is just a seasonal one but pretty good.

If i will be missing words, it maybe because its 1am, and this is my first instructable.

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Step 1: Pieces

You need:

1. many many many very many, DRAM parts, I used for this one old DDR and DDR2 memory from work
2. You laso will need small DRAMs from laptops and stuff to make the crown of the tree.
3. A old CPU cooler, I used an intel 1156lga cooler
4. A motherboard chip cooler, I took one from an old motherboard we didn't use.

Step 2: Assembly

For the building you need a feeling for motion and gravity, if you are not clever enough like me to use epoxy or some other glue.

Step 3: Problems and Ideas

Without glueing it will sometime result in a crash and I had to build mine like 7 times, so my advice, use glue!

Maybe add some cool lighting to it with a too short RGB led strip for other use or just sparkles. This is very cheap.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Cool idea! I like hanging these, along with other PCB's on the door of my room :)

    You should enter this in the first time contest.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Finally, a good use for old memory boards. I have been collecting them for a whole hoping that I would come across a good projects for them. I might try this.