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I love using self-adhesive aluminium roofing tape for projects. It's easy to use and a roll goes a long, long way. This year I'm making artwork that can be hung for Christmas, or to add to my collection. The design is a curly-wirly tree that stands out nicely once the alumium tape is applied. - See more at:

Aluminium tape is far cheaper than using pewter and looks just the same once the application and paint techniques is finished.

Template (bottom of this page)
Scrap piece of supawood
Bostik glass deco paints
Roll aluminium roofing tape
Dremel MultiTool and polishing tip
Black acrylic craft paint
Fine steel wool

Step 1:

1. Print out the template below. You can enlarge this to size if you aren't good at freehand drawing. Transfer the design onto your piece of board with a pencil.

2. Use glass deco paint to follow your drawn lines. This paint can be squeezed out in thin lines and doesn't drop flat. Once dry, the raised design is perfect for this type of project. I had to use two tubes of paint for the entire picture.
Leave the glue to dry and harden for an hour or so.

Step 2:

3. Apply the aluminium tape strip by strip, working from the top to bottom and making sure that the seams are lined up accurately. Any gaps will be visible on the finished work, so take care.

4. With all the tape applied you can now rub over the top with the soft polishing tip and your Dremel MultiTool. This process presses the tape into the depressions created by using the deco paint. If you don't have a Dremel MultiTool, use cotton buds to press down the tape.

5. To even out the finish before painting, lightly rub over with a pad of fine steel wool.
Rub from top to bottom for an even, lightly scratched finish that will catch the paint.

Step 3:

6. Use a cloth or rag and dip in the craft paint. Once again, rub from top to bottom, or vice-versa. Before the paint has time to dry, wipe again to remove any excess paint and buff up the raised areas. You can also use the steel wool to lightly wipe the raised areas to remove any paint.

7. All that's left is to wrap the edges with aluminium tape and trim off any excess before attaching a couple of picture hangers or hanging wire to the back. I used a couple of screws and wire to hang my picture.

Find more details here:

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    2 years ago

    Awesome! I love this! So many other possibilities too, thank you :)


    6 years ago

    *clever. Fat fingers on iPhone :(


    6 years ago

    I love this idea! Beautiful!