Christmas Wall Hanging Decoration

Introduction: Christmas Wall Hanging Decoration

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Christmas Wall Hanging Decoration

This project is intended to be easy for beginning scroll saw artists, yet look good and become part of your Christmas decorations.

Simply download they free pattern from our website and print out. You can scale it up or down as required. Remember if you scale it down the cuts will be finer and harder to do.

Find some suitable stock to cut, I and using some native New Zealand Rimu but any thing should be okay even ply. I put blue painters tape on to the wood stock first and then spray the template with spray adhesive and let sit for 30 seconds. Then stick the template on top of the blue painters tape. I then add packing tape over top of the template. The trick here is the painters tape will help get the template off, and the packing tape helps lubricates the blade.

Drill the starter holes through the stock ready for scrolling. This template works well if you only have pinned blades. Finally start scrolling. The only pointer I can give here is take your time.

I am not going to say you could just as easy use a fret saw or copping saw to cut this out but it would be possible to do with a bit of patience and skill. So in this case it is easier with the scroll saw.

Once all cut out remove the template by peeling off the painters tape layer, there should be no sticky residue usually left from the glue and no use of turps required etc.

Give a light sand and you are technically done, however I spruced my version up a little by adding a fluffy top around the stocking and silver bow (used for wrapping presents) and candy stick. Just to enhance the look.

This is my last project for the year and I will see you in the new year. Hope you all have a merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.


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