Christmas Wreath for Candle

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here is a simple tutorial to make a Christmas wreath with candle, to embellish your christmas table


Step 1: Material

For this simple tuto you need:

- Cardboard

- a pair of scissors

- a gluegun

- a garland of the color you want

And a lot of pinecone, holly and branch that you can that you can find in the forests

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

Take a circular object with the diameter you want.

Draw the perimeter and cut it out.
For the interior done the same with a smaller object

Step 3: Place the Pine Cones

place the pine cones and branches and fix them with the glue gun

Step 4: Place the Holly and Garland

After that you can fix the holly and the garland that you want

Step 5: Finish

here is your Christmas wreath, you just have to put a candle (in a recipiant to avoid igniting).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial



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