Christmas Candy Count Down

Introduction: Christmas Candy Count Down

 Some of you are probable wondering why I made a Christmas candy count down instead of the chocolate calender  . Well the reason for that is because  every year everyone or most people get the chocolate calenders and I wanted to do something about Christmas so i thought i would make a candy count down and change it up. I  wanted to get into the Christmas spirit. I decided to make something different  and to get people to count down how many days  till Christmas .

Step 1: Materals

  1. Camera 
  2. Candy
  3. Some kind of paper doesn't matter  what you use
  4. Markers 

Step 2: Why I Did This

  The reason I did this was because I love Christmas so I  thought I would make my own calendar but instead of making it out of chocolate I used candy I made the candy everyday a different kind of candy  the kinda of candy I used was hard candy. Everyone loves getting the chocolate calender  so I thought people  would love seeing something different so I decided to make a calender out of candy instead of chocolate  and make a video out of it. I hope you guys love my video sorry that its a little late but the Christmas brake made me behind on my instructable on this video 

Step 3: How to Make the Tittle

The tittle is the first thing I made it was pretty easy  but took a bit of time because first I had to wright down the letters  one by one  and take pictures  next I had to cut them out I did one title then I did one after another the same way  and took picks  I made 3 titles and then made it all into one

Step 4: Movie Time

 Hope you guys liked the movie

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