Christmas Light Wad Lamps





Introduction: Christmas Light Wad Lamps

I didn't want to spend money on lamps and had holiday lights around the house anyway. In a pumpkin shaped glass jar we stuffed a string of amber lights on a green cord (interior lights for a tree) and then lined up three glass jars and coiled a single string of Christmas mini lights into them (300 lamp outdoor icicle lights really put out a lot of light and have a nice white cord). As you can see this is simple and versatile, and really pretty. The lights get warm but not hot, after leaving them on for several hours at a time.

Step 1: The Pumpkin Morph

This is done with indoor lights and a pumpkin shaped glass jar.



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    I have made these for gifts, only I layer potpourri and the 20 or 35 count mini light strings inside of vases etc. and use the diamond tipped hole saw to drill a hole in the lower back of the item the 3/8 inch size is perfect to fish the mini lights through the hole leaving the plug and cord on the outside. The bulbs only emit a small amount of heat and it causes the fragrance to be emitted from the potpourri. I always give instructions with them that they should never be left unattended though just like a lit Christmas tree. You can also empty them out when the potpourri loses it's fragrance and layer new in it's place. I tie a pretty ribbon at the top to match the color of the potpourri. They are wonderful in the rest room. Everyone that I have given them too has loved getting them. Oh and if you need to buy the diamond tipped hole saw - I bought a package of 6 of them for about $5 on Ebay shipping included from China. I'm still using the first one so the quality was great. Actually with the new LED lights that are now available there is even less chance of excessive heat being given off by the lights, and they are more energy efficient.

    Perfect when you just want a lite drink. It's jarriffic. Bottled lightening. It's like glass glow scotland. Less sheep, more light.

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    You could wrap the cord around the jar mouth to look more decorative and less sticky-outy

    I've seen these made in wine bottles and glass bricks. I made one in a clear tea pot one year with colored lights just for decoration. Nice ambiance lighting.

    My God, what an AMAZING idea! Whoever thought of this should be an architect.... or a pantsmaster at the very least.

    Nice, soft light. Just perfect for lighting an angry erotic sheep.