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Introduction: Christmas Ornament

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Make simple Beautiful Christmas ornaments from old gift wrapping that piles up after a big day of opening Christmass presents. All you need is old gift wrapping paper and Makedo re-pins and re-clips available at

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Step 1: Find

Source old wrapping paper from gifts. For this project, each ornament requires 2 Makedo re-pins and re-clips.

Step 2: Cut

Cut three strips that are 3 different lengths.

Step 3: Punch

Use the point end of the Makedo safe-saw and punch holes at the center of each strip.

Step 4: Punch

Use the safe-saw and punch holes at both ends of each strip.

Step 5: Connect

Using the Makedo pin and clip, connect the strips at its center in consecutive order with the largest being at the bottom of the three.

Step 6: Connect

Align the ends of the strips to form a loop. Connect together with a Makedo pin and clip.

Step 7: Share

Your Makedo ornament is complete. Use different left over wrapping paper to create other colourful ornaments and variations also shown in our projects list. Attach string to hang around the house or on the Makedo Christmas tree also available in our instructable projects. Share and upload your creation to We would love to see what you have come up with. :)

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    4 years ago

    WOW, this christmas, I'm going to make it!! Thanks.