Christmas Tree Chandelier

Introduction: Christmas Tree Chandelier

perfect for the hoildays to out over Ur table

Step 1: Supplies

what u need:
one set of color or any colored lights
some mason jars I used baby bottles
some string
some old cords if u wanna get geeky like I did
and a burnt out light that u needed to replace
has to be near an outlet

Step 2: String

take the string and if Ur burnt out light has holes where the screws go in then loop the string around them DO NOT TIE IT BC I did and it didn't work out for me and I had to restart
create as many holes as u can so u can add lights to it.
its best if u do it on the light.

Step 3: Geeky Time

if y'all are like me then get nerdy get Ur broken cords like cell phone, Ethernet, cable, computer (back in the dinosaur ages), phone wire, anything thats a cord and its broken and don't have a box to weigh it down.
start hanging them in between Ur loops that you've made.
Ethernet cords or long cords need to loop twice if setting it a certain height.

Step 4: Now the Pretty Lights

the set of lights comes in to play
make sure u have room to plug it in or u be struggling
start from the opposite end the negative side the one without prongs
and bunch it up and go through the holes you've made now its best to have a second person to help u hold the strings BC lights are heavy
also space the lights out so u have big gaps

Step 5: Mason Jars

once Ur done with the light hanging plug the lights in and have mason jars ready now one set I would plan to have one for each gap or so since I used baby bottles I had go stick with it but take a knife or scissors and cut a hole big enough for the lights and the string to go in to hang them
now knot the strings three or four times and poke a light in the opening and do this for how many u may have
but make the lengths different so it won't look like crap

Step 6: Now Ur Finished

Ur finished yay

Step 7:

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