Christmas Tree Toy From Ping Pong Ball

Introduction: Christmas Tree Toy From Ping Pong Ball

I found an orange ping pong ball at home, but I don't like to play with it, I prefer the white they were absolutely useless and I made Christmas tree toy with it. It's easy and fast. Great for decorations and gifts, too.

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Step 1: You Need...

You need:

  • a ping pong ball
  • thread - color and material of your choice
  • glue
  • "gold" thread (optional)

The "gold" thread will be used to hang the ball on the tree so if you don't have it you can use something else.

Step 2: Glue the Thread

As you may know the ping pong ball is made from two halfs which are connected to make a ball. Try to find where the halfs are connected. Put some glue there and stick the thread. Now rotate it counter-clockwise or clockwise it doesn't matter. Continue to add glue and stick the thread. When stick it press it a little so it can stick well.

Be careful with the glue!!! If you put more it can came out like one of the pictures below!!!

Step 3: Add Hanger

When you're near to the end try to find the center, put some glue on it and stick the thread which is going to be used to hang the ball. When you're ready continue to glue the other thread.When you reach the hanger make a knot around it.

Step 4: Finish!

The Christmas tree toy is ready to join to the other toys :D

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