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While watching "Hell on Wheels" in my Go House on my Chromebook, I found that even with the volume at maximum, I was having problems hearing all the dialog.

I should mention that I am hearing impaired in one ear. Sure I could purchase a blue tooth speaker to amplify the sound, but what is the fun in that (it is fun, see step 2)?

This box does NOT amplify the sound from the Chromebook, or if it does, I would need a sound meter to prove it.

What this box does is "focus" the sound waves from the speakers which are located in the bottom of the Chromebook (visible next slide) and directs those sound waves at my face (ears).

Materials used: A) recycled particle board B) recycled floor boards (all left over from the GO House), small nails, glue.

Tools used: Skill saw, hand saw, tape measure, pencil, hammer

iLuv bluetooth audio mini (optional)

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Step 1: Quick Assembly

I used a tape measure on the Chromebox and assembled this in less than a few hours. I let the glue dry overnight.

Step 2: Adding the ILuv Bluetooth Audio Mini Speaker for a Bigger Sound (optional)

Drill 2 holes in line with an iLuv bluetooth speaker on each side of the center horizontal boards. Drop the iLuv into the center space. Pair the laptop with the speakers by holding down the middle button on the iLuv. The result: nice amplification with a deep bass and mini home theater experience.

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    Ben DangerH

    2 years ago

    Plus it would help to keep it cool, win win,

    Butane Flame

    4 years ago

    That's very smart! I like your thinking. Now I just need to buy a chrome book.

    1 reply