Chucky and Tiffany

Introduction: Chucky and Tiffany

Halloween 2012
My two innocent little devils ;)

Growing up I always said when I had children I would dress them up as Chucky and the Bride. These are my daughters, Jovi Rae and Stevi Lee. I bought the overalls and striped shirt at the Goodwill for $6.00 and bought the gown with veil from Toys-r-Us for $19.00. I dripped fake blood on all 4 pieces and let them dry. I bought the toy knife and the bouquet from Wal-mart for a dollar a piece. I sprayed the flowers black with spray paint, and I dripped fake blood on the knife. The finishing touch was a little red hair spray for my Chucky. The gashes on Chucky's face were tattoos I purchased at Wal-mart. I couldnt be happier with the turnout.

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