Introduction: Chug-O-Meter

I created, what I call, the Chug-O-Meter. This was created for two people to see who can chug a beverage faster and time each person, fast and easily. The Chug-O-Meter will countdown from 3 (on the LCD) as a green light is blinking, at "1" players start chugging. Once either person slams there cup down first onto the sensor their time will stop and be printed on the LCD and the servo motor to point to whoever slams their cup first onto the sensor.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Arduino UNO


USB cable A to B

Servo motor

LED basic Green

Force sensitive resistors…….x2

9V Alkaline Battery

LCD screen 16x2

10K Resistors.....x2

220 Ohm Resistors....x2

Rotary Potentiometer

200 microfarad Capacitor....x2

Jumper wires

Male Headers

Mini Pushbutton

Step 2: Assemble the Chug-O-Meter

Step 3: Write the Code


Step 4: How to Use

STEP 1. Plug in the red wire in the back right just below the green wire to turn it on and off. You should see the LCD light up and turn on.

STEP 2. Hit the reset switch when ready to start, wait till the timer hits “1” and start drinking away!

******To reset and go again, repeat step 2.

******To turn off Chug-O-Meter, unplug the red wire you plugged in to start.

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    2 years ago

    That could be funny to use at parties :)