Cigar Box Bird House

Introduction: Cigar Box Bird House

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okay so this is a Very Simple instructable ANYONE could do. simple shop tools are needed but definetly worth it. The idea came to mind a few days ago on one of our first sunny mornings in wisconsin, I saw birds making a nest on our porch roof but the wind blew it away. I made them these houses and now they are prepping to start a new family!

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·Cigar Box (preferably wooden and deep) you can usually buy them very cheap at your local tobacco store since most of the times they have to throw them away. I got 100 of them for $10!
·hole drill bit (diameter depends one what kind of birds you'd want to attract/are in your area)
·clamps or heavy stuff
·machine screw
·small drill bit to fit machine screw
·wood glue
·dowel or stick (here I used an old drum stick)
·and last but not least something to cut the stick with (here I have a mini band saw)

Step 2: Drill Hole Into Cigar Box(es)

if your hole drill bit has a guide that would make it much easier but if not just keep it steady. I would highly recomend a drill press (though I could not find the key for mine so thus I had to use the hand held one, bummer).

Step 3: Cut the Dowel/sticks

one drum stick gave me pleanty to make several bird stands for the bird houses. or if you have a dowel thats great too!

Step 4: Drill the Small Holes!

drill a small hole CAREFULLY into the stick (which ever end faces the cigar box) and drill that small hole as well underneath the entry hole of cigar box. then proceed to screw the machine scew from the inside of the cigar box, onto the dowel or stick. tighten in up and you are almost done!

Step 5: Wood Glue!

glue the cigar boxes tight with a few clamps and wait a few minutes. I used gorilla wood glue and only waited 15 minutes. clean up the sides and you are finished!

Step 6: The Extras!

you could switch to real branch sticks to make it look neater.

also depending wether the cigar box hangs freely or on a wall, drill holes on the back depending on your preferance. make sure the diameter of the hole is slightly larger than of the nail/screw you are using.

ALSO to make a birdfeeder you can cut lid of the box in half horizontally the top half being 7/8 larger and then making a shelf with the wooden shims you would usually find inside of a wooden cigar box!

thank you for checking out this simple instrucable! please comment photos of the ones you made! I'd love to see how you'd make yours! see ya!

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    5 years ago

    Great ibble.
    Wouldn't work here in central California. It would be a wasp nest in short order.