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Introduction: Cigar Box Guitar

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I made this cigar box guitar for my brother for christmas. The scale length is 23 inches. The fretboard radius is 14 inches. It has Classic Guitar strings on it (DGBE). So its like a baritone Ukulele. 



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    Nice build. How's the volumn? I'm planning out a cigar box uke and thinking about the sound hole(s). It's a pretty box, so I'd like to save the artwork.

    You can find scale length calculators online. I like the one on stew-mac. I use the measurements that the fret calculator gives me to make a template that I print out and use to mark out the frets. Stew-mac also makes standard scale length measuring tools that are metal that work quite nicely, but are somewhat costly, especially if you are only building one neck.



    I think thos tool might show the hole fretboard for you:

    Nice build. Question, when strings need to be replaced, does the bottom flange of the hinge get unscrewed, strings run through, then screws tightened up again? Just curious how this would go. I have been thinking of using a hinge in this manner but wasn't sure how to go about it. ThX for sharing the build.

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    you just unscrew the three screws in the back and flip the hinge, run new strings through then put the three screws back in. i made the hinge stick out slightly to make room underneath for the ends of the strings.