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Introduction: Cigar Box Guitar Case

So I made my first Cigar Box Guitar this summer.  It's a four string bass.  However, it was difficult to find any good examples of a display/carry case for it.  I designed this one from 1 by 2 pine with plywood panels.  I bought a belt from Walmart and cut it up for the handle.  The case is about 5 inches longer than the guitar itself, and it's two inches deep.  I would probably make it more shallow if I made it again.  The neck of the guitar rests on a piece of 1 by 2 with a semi circle cut out of it.  I drilled a hole on each side of the neck to run a string through and hold the guitar in place.  The body sits on to pieces of 1 by 2 and is also stabilized by two other pieces at the side of the guitar.  There are hold in these as well for string.  I cut up on old yoga mat and lined the areas where the guitar makes contact with the case.  Anyway.  If you would like any more information, I'm happy to provide.  This was just a weekend project, so I didn't think to take pictures in the process.  

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Step 1: Planning and Materials

I designed this project on a whim. It's all 1 by 2 pine and 1/8 inch plywood for the panels. The corners are joined by glue and screws at 45 degree cuts. Your box length will depend on your guitar length, and therefore your materials list may vary from mine. My box was 12 and a quarter by 38 inches and 5 and a quarter high.

Step 2: Design

As you can see from the plans, I designed this to be 3 independent frames of wood.  Once the frams were each completed I made the box by connecting two of the frames with 2 inch cuts of 1 by 2 vertically.  The last frame rested on the top of the box connected by hinges and locks.  I designed the box to be completed mostly with hand tools, however, I borrowed a friends table saw to rip slats into the 1 by 2 for the plywood to slip in.  I'm sorry this is so minimal.  I will try to post more shots of the completed box in the future. Enjoy

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    2 years ago

    Great: Just what I've been looking for taking my CBG to NYC this fall - - My CBG is very shorter than usual / more shallow also. [face is like 1.25 height]. I have 10 cbg's and this one is smallest so need a smaller box / tighter fit. I will send EXACT measurements - got a price range? How do we do business?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks man. Sorry i don't have more detailed instructions. I didn't take enough pictures.