Cigar Box Guitars

Hi, and my name is Tom Grace, and  my date of birth is 3-7-57.  I build Cigar Box Guitars.  This is what I used to build them.  This is the first guitar that I built for my brother as a birthday gift.  These guitars are electric and I also build the amps.  I put the speakers inside the box so not to detract from the boxes themselves.  If I win the contest, I would build a shop to make the guitars and buy the tools and equipment I would need.  I plan on selling them at festivals, fairs and online.  We also make Neckties for 6 and 12 string guitars.  They keep the strings, peg head and bridge dust free.  Thanks for watching and good luck to everyone.  Special thanks to Maddie, Jason, and Sean.  You ROCK!



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    7 months ago

    Cool guitars, no doubt about it. Hope your efforts are/ have been, rewarding. As a DIY'er living in a poor Central American country that produces very expensive cigars I am disappointed that this is nothing shy of an ad for your product. You're video provides no DIY info. It's just a commercial for your product. The previous comment is 6 years old, so this might be new to you. So, I will say again... Cool guitars. Nice work my friend.

    Thought I had hit on the perfect DIY project to help promote the love of music to the poor people around me. Turned out it's just a promo for your business. Amazon doesn't ship to Nicaragua. Even if it did, few people here could afford it. A city of thousands has only one post office.

    I am seriously interested however. Your efforts and innovation should not go unrewarded. Having said that, I think your promo on Instructables should be deleted. Focus your efforts on Amazon, Ebay and others.

    If you think I am wrong I would not object to any respectful response.

    Kindest regards,



    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great hobby.. Great products ... hope you can make it a business! Good Luck