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In this instructable i am going to show you how to make a simple box frame from a cigar box. It's a great way to display keepsakes. It's cheap as you can usually get the boxes for free from a tobacconist with the rest of the materials being relatively inexpensive. It's also easy as this whole project was done without the use of power tools :)

Lets get started...


Step 1: What You'll Need


A Cigar box with a sliding lid

1mm plastic sheet (an A3 sheet will probably make about 4 boxes depending on the box size)

1/2 inch wood screws

A "D" hoop picture ring


A Craft knife

A Ruler

Screw driver

Cutting mat or other surface you can cut on

Glue or glue dots (not pictured)

Step 2: Trimming the Edges

Remove the lid and using your craft knife trim off the "wings" that would normally hold the lid in place.

The lid should sit nicely across the width of the box.

Now cut a section off the bottom of the lid so it will fit inside the box, This section should be slightly larger than the "base" of your box.


Push the lid the the back of the box

Step 3: The Back of the Box

Turn your box over, measere out the center and mark it with the pencil.

about 2 inches from the top attach your D ring with the wood screws.

you may have to hold the lid in place from the other side if its a bit loose.

Now see the off-cut from the lid, the one you didn't throw away, using some glue attach that to the bottom of the box. this will keep it from hanging forward when on the wall

Step 4: Back to the Front to the Box

Measure out the distance of the gap that the lid would normally slide into and the depth.

mark out these measurements on the clear plastic and cut it out with your craft knife

slide it into the slot where the lid would have been

Step 5: Finished

and you're done!

I kept my boxes here basic but if you wanted you could decorate them up, stain them or paint them.

As always I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always thoughts/comments/criticisms and even pictures of your own Cigar keepsake boxes are welcome in the comments below :)



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    2 years ago

    Nice inspiration, Barry. I have been planning to make a shadow box to display a few keepsakes of my late husband and had not thought of a cigar box. I have an old, pre-embargo Partagas box (I had been saving for a CBG, but I already have two of those) and I think a shelf, a clear face and a sealant coat to bring up the colors will make a lovely display for a couple of pipes and such.

    1 reply