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Introduction: Cigar Box Ukulele

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This is the first of hopefully many cigar box ukuleles.

Step 1: Ukulele Disassembly

Simply, I was able to carefully remove the neck from the body with a nice 'sharp' chisel..

Step 2: Nick the Bits.....

Kept the bridge and was able to remove this easily with a chisel again carefully working around the bridge. As with the bracing pieces and block carefully chiseled them off.

Step 3: Placing N' Bracing

On the original uke the braces were one on the front one on the back. I decided the cross brace the top under where the bridge is going to sit. The neck block might not have been needed but better to do the job right, once!. I used Evo-stik wood adhesive, green bottle.

Step 4: All Done....

Before re-stringing, its best to leave it for a couple of hrs for the glue to cure. Didn't want the normal sound hole in the middle and had seen other CBG's where they had done different shapes so went for three different sized holes.

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    How's the sound? I like the sound hole design. I'm in the planning stages on one and want to save the graphics on the box.


    Reply 6 years ago

    sounds fine, not as loud acoustically as a full bodied ukulele but I put a pick up in it n plugged in it sounds great! done a couple of gigs with it now and it always gets attention. One thing I would say, where the neck meets the box 'on the inside' make sure you've got a good block (umm, fixing) there or else with the tension of the strings it will pull the box apart. Cheers for looking.


    7 years ago

    Hi Kiteman, the ukulele that I took apart was broken. So it wasn't a case of destroying a good uke more like giving a trashed uke a new lease of life. Thanks for looking, Mahalos.


    7 years ago on Introduction


    You destroyed a ukelele to make another ukelele?