Cigarette Recycling Project


Introduction: Cigarette Recycling Project

This project is about recycling used cigarette stubs. You will find that Billions of £ and $ worth of tobacco is thrown away every year by accident as used stubs. You will be surprised on how much tobacco is still left on the end of a stub, and it soon mounts up .

Step 1: Breaking Up the Stubs Into Usable Tobacco

Your next step is to break up the stubs into smokable tobacco. Put the filters into a second container because we will be recycling the filters as well.

Step 2: Recycling the Filters

We are going to reuse the filters. To do this you must remove any burnt and carbonised parts of the filter. Just cut off the burnt parts . If you wish you can even make the filter smaller by cutting the filter in half.

Step 3: Rolling Machine Optional

You might find using a Rolling Machine, easier to use, but this is only optional. You can roll your tobacco by hand if you wish. I am using a rolling machine because it will be easier while adding the filter, at one of the machine's ends. First I add the filter and then the tobacco. Position your cigarette paper after wetting the gum. You then use the machine to roll your cigarette with the filter into a rolled cigarette with filter tip.

Step 4: Finished Rolled Recycled Cigarettes From Stubs

You will now save yourself hundreds of £ pounds or $ Dollars. The rolled cigarettes are now ready for smoking . The filter tips are also optional . But again its your choice.

A special tip:

If you start to run out of lighter fuel you can use a Tea Candle, to light you cigarettes during the day.



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I am not advocating smoking in any way. It's a stinky, unsocial, unhealthy, expensive (unless you grow and properly process your own) habit.

That being said, I am a smoker, however I choose so smoke natural (sometimes organic) additive free tobacco that I roll myself. When times are hard, I admit to having done this myself. My rolling tobacco tastes pretty bad this way and I can only imagine how doing this to pre-manufactured cigarettes must taste.

However, hats off to you Nicepolicy16 for submitting this. If people can post 'ibles for beer & alcohol, then why not cigarettes, too? Very resourceful and un-wasteful. It was a humorous 'ible and the comments even more so. You got my vote. I hope you win this contest.

As an ex smoker who has previously been desperate enough to try this, I can assure you "tab rolly's" as we called them, taste foul, even for a cigarette. And I'm afraid the idea of trimming a used filter down to reuse is pretty pointless other than to stop you getting bits of baccy in your mouth, otherwise it is useless for filtering chemicals. My advice is, if as a smoker you find yourself doing this, take it as a mark your self esteem is plummeting too low, and it's time to make a change. Otherwise, good attempt nicepolicy16.

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People who smoke cigarettes purchased from the shop, already have a low self esteem. The same way people take illegal drugs, their self esteem is plummeting even lower. But like everything, they are addicted. It is hoped that other people like yourself will also find that it taste foul enough to stop them smoking. I am sorry that I might have caused a Riot, but our Shields are ready.

This is more than inappropriate.

First of all, you are advertising to smoke.

Second: Breaking down ols, used cigarettes seems (desperate and) unsanitary, since the butt (not just the filter) of the cigarette collects all the nasty stuff that builds up during smoking. So you get the concentrated toxins set free plus all the toxins ins the air, that were sucked in during smoking.

Third: Lighting a ("recycled") cigarette with a candle is highly poisonous. Candles are designed for slow burn, not high heat. If you light a cigarette with insufficient heat, additional toxins are set free, some even nastier than the stuff that comes out of cigarettes alone.

Last but not least some friendly advice for any reader: DON'T DO THIS!!!
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The reason why people buy cigarettes in the first place, is for the addictive nicotine; and while they are smoking, they also breath in the toxic chemicals that come with the nicotine. They try and blank out this knowledge, like it was a conspiracy theory. They already know about the toxic chemicals. The new cigarettes you buy from the shop is already highly poisonous to your body and to the confined environment you are blowing the smoke into, and the people around them .

But this does not stop people from buying cigarettes, for a thousand years to come.

The stub end might also be used in future as a high capacitor in computers. It has electrical properties as well in advanced electronics.

This is a way to get even more nicotine from a cigarette. It concentrates in the but ends.

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You can buy new and clean filters from the £1 shop, or $1 shop, which ever country people come from.

I think it's creative

only one con: the cigarettes

but I wood have never thought of that idea

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Without you knowing, you could be throwing away good money. Get your cigarette paper and start rolling.