Cigarettes Flowers




this Instructables will discuss to how to make a sunflower from a Cigarettes box it is so easy to make it just take less than 10 min to make

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Step 1: Prepare the Box

  1. Get empty Cigarettes box
  2. Get the paper inside it out be careful to not cut this paper it is the basic of the flower

Step 2: Make the Stalk of the Flower

  1. first fold the paper a side of it by about 2 cm
  2. cut it using your hands
  3. fold this strip on it self many times to be as shown in picture

Step 3: Make Flower Petals

  1. fold the remaining part of paper into 4 part
  2. cut it using your hand
  3. now get one of them and half fold it to make a line in the half
  4. from the corner of it get in inside to make a triangle do the for the 4 corners
  5. fold the part of it into the line to make the shape of hexagonal with a 2 wide aged as shown in picture 5
  6. then re fold it from half
  7. make that 4 times for the 4 parts

Step 4: Assembly Petals With Stalk

  1. now for assembly the parts
  2. put all Petals over and cross the stalk ass seen in picture 1
  3. fold the stalk on the Petals
  4. rotate the stalk around it self

Step 5: Open the Petals and Get the Full Flower

now using your finger and open the petals from the inside one by one carefully to get the last shape of paper as shown in the last picture

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