Cincinnati Fire Kite

Introduction: Cincinnati Fire Kite

The Cincinnati Fire Kite is a cool think you can make using only three items.

- Newspaper
- Tape
- Matches (or some other way of lighting it)

With these three items, you can achieve a cool-looking, burning, newspaper ball of fiery flames... Quite fun, actually...

But keep in mind, this is fire, and can be dangerous if not kept controlled. I would recommend doing this away from trees and on an un-flammable surface, like a driveway or something.

Step 1: Assembly

The first thing you need to do is take your newspaper and bring two opposing corners together and tape them together, now bring the other two corners in and tape all four together. Try to use as little tape as possible.

Wasn't that easy?

Step 2: Launching It

When you have it all assembled, bring it outside to a flat, un-burnable surface. Make sure that you are away from anything that might catch fire if the kite gets to close to it.

Place the fire kite down, and take two matches, light them,  and light two of the four corners at a time at a time. This part must be done quickly, or else it won't work.

Now stand back and, if you did everything correctly, have fun watching it fly up!

(It may burn to a point that it looks like it's just burned and it's not going to fly, but give it a few more seconds, it should work. If a minute goes by and it's still not working, you may have done something wrong and should retry.)

This is best done at night when the effect will be at it's best. And remember, the larger the piece of paper you use, the larger the fire kite will be.

Have fun! Thanks!

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