Introduction: Cinderella

My boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversaries at Disneyland's "Not-so-scary" Halloween party. It's the one time of year guests over age 9 are allowed to dress up, and I get to fulfill my dream of being a Disney Princess. 

While at Joann's one day I fell in love with a sparkly blue satin fabric, and I knew I HAD to be Cinderella this year. I started sometime in January this year and finished before summer. The over all project probably took about 2 days at most.  I used a Simplicity Disney princess pattern for the bodice and "flounce." Thanks to a high school dance a few years ago I own a beautifully huge petticoat for that princess effect. The original skirt pattern was too narrow for my petticoat so I used an old McCalls pattern I had which I knew would fit. It is fully lined with an invisible zipper. 

This image was taken on my horrible camera phone so the quality is terrible and the dress had not been ironed yet.
For more information about this project, the matching Prince Charming jacket, and other projects by me, visit my new blog!

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