Circles in Squares Afghan


Introduction: Circles in Squares Afghan

I used the Circles in Squares Afghan pattern from Lion Brand Yarn website but I didn't use the recommended yarn.



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    I love this too, great colors and use of simple, geometric forms (instead of lots of ruffly flowers etc.)!!! Lifts the traditional crochet afghan to a new level, if you ask me! :)

    question..i just started to crochet. if i find an item, like this awesome afghan, is there a way to get the pattern? or is it simply your design put on display? i'd like to try it.

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    how big is it? it's mind-boggling and i like it! i think it looks better than LB's original pattern (sorry guys!)

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    Thank you! It is the same size as the LB pattern. I looked at the pattern first and noted that it took 10 sk of the Vanna's Choice yarn which is very nice yarn but I wanted this color scheme in particular so I chose a variety of different yarns but when I got home from the yarn store I reread the pattern and noticed that the LB pattern uses the same color for the outer rings of each square and I didn't have enough of any one color to do that so I just put them together in a pleasing manner, making sure not to repeat too much and using each color fairly equally. I used the same layout as the LB pattern; it just looks different because the outer rings aren't the same color.

    That looks fabulous!
    I'm adding it to my to do list. I like your color choices.