Circuit Board Diy

Introduction: Circuit Board Diy

I made a very simple tutorial describes the production board(Diy pcba manufacturing), we want to help, but if poorly written, please forgive me.
General In my own experience wash circuit board, it can be divided into four processes: 1. Artwork --- (by PROTEL or other related software LAYOUT a map, and then transferred to the slide or tracing paper) 2. Exposure --- (photographic board table lamp or exposure to light irradiation way to get shot in the artwork printed on photographic plates) 3. Imaging --- (using a developing solution after exposing photosensitive agent to wash away, leaving the artwork) 4. Etching --- (will not wash away the foil, leaving the line we need) In this example, I use a good webmaster recently LAY 22W power amplifier as an example,

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First, prepare equipment

Etched in everyone's methods are not the same, because I can not afford a good student etch kit is to think of ways to buy similar equipment, but the results were definitely not lost professional etching kit Oh! Then you plug-in that story! Two plastic pots, plastic pots both large and small. Is filled with a large hot water after etching would do with water heating, and a small etching solution is installed. In terms of the etching solution please note that the example used in the etching solution is environmentally friendly, which is due before the ferric chloride-containing highly toxic, and the recovery is not easy, so now have to switch to environmentally friendly etching solution. Please pay special attention to environmental protection in the use of the etching solution on the market to buy a bag of white powder, add water 650c.c. must be dissolved, there are a lot of people etching bad, mostly proportion of deployment errors. Etching solution with water can be completely dissolved after use.Gun with a soft brush: the gun was inside the developing liquid, soft brush is used to help with the reaction time imaging, developing solution also need to deploy, use my own method is to first developing solution deployment Good (※ 1: 20 proportions), and then take a big paute bottled up, because developing solution will react with air and failure, after developing liquid solution and then poured into a part of the gun, and the rest is stored in the dark place ( need to tightly cover). The aim is to save the use of the developing solution. Instructions will be better after the deployment of the solution can be placed in plastic pots imaging, but this one is used to etch the air-liquid contact area, and the next day those developing solution may not be the reaction, the other with a spray can also be smaller part of the circuit scintigraphy out, this is my experience provides reference. Finally, the original and a transparent board: Original bookshops can go ask them to help you with a photocopier toner print, no matter how little you buy special inkjet transparencies, but the price is very expensive, but the quality is very good Oh. Transparent glass can also be used to replace the board, and I am the choice of 5mm thickness of acrylic sheet, use this board in, to the original with the plate seal, otherwise after exposure imaging will be very poor condition was a little lucky obscured, not lucky, is a direct short circuit, adhere to wash the board, they would wait to see the fireworks in the laboratory. So the best selection board has a little weight to the original level in plate affixed. Also do not use other colored board pressed Oh! As this would cause the ultraviolet light to penetrate easily. UV exposure, then as long as the light source can be exposed, but the time I'm going to measure according to personal experience, and generally I use special UV exposure if the exposure machine, you will need about 90-120 seconds, but that's all, not every school times can borrow, so I mostly use the lamp exposure time is about grasping at 9-12 minutes, and then from the plate lamp can not be too close nor too far, about 5-10 cm from top to bottom. Remembered that he had just learned washer midnight, how are exposed to fail, and finally discovered that light from the board too close. But if too far, lack of ultraviolet light, so you may want to pull a long time, which I can not detail calculated to increase long, they still will be set in the range of 5-10 cm is like. When imaging, I suggest that you wear gloves, because it feels slippery stuff like alkali, to everybody's hand, it is recommended to wear gloves. After developing liquid sprayed onto the board, please do not rush to brush it, because it will give time response, I have stayed about 30 seconds or so to paint, brush board should be careful when and if the line is too strong on the board but will scratch, when the words etched on the break, and your circuit will not move also becomes a matter of course. Imaging to allow all lines are clear, even if completed, but should be noted, do not think the developing liquid spray line will be more clear, if you do so, you will be washed off the line, you can only re-exposure. If at the time of imaging doing it perfectly, it will be very beautiful etching, ligatures are clearly visible blur Oh no! In the beginning has said etchant want water heating, because the etching solution is heated reaction becomes faster, you wash board waiting time will be shortened, and therefore a large plastic tub filled with hot water inside. Before asked to say whether the control temperature? Heating etchant can go to 65 degrees, so you just have no problems in 65 degrees, so I poured directly into 100 degrees of boiling water in large plastic pots, because the water is cooling fast and large area, and again after another Plastic pots heat, like this really is not a very high temperature, so you do not think about as long as the hand can not stand temperatures are less than 65 degrees. If while doing during etching shaking, so a lot of speed will accelerate. This is the end of all processes, and again you can drilling and welding, but must say that the etchant can wash more than one board, you can usually wash a lot of circuits, and therefore need to be recycled over and over again using the etching solution, get an insurance bottles to enter to the next and then back out to be etched. If there is found the etching solution is less than 650c.c. please fill up with water, but do not exceed 650c.c. because it would lead to lack of concentration, will increase the etching time. Add that the etching solution currently on the market is divided into two, one for the traditional use of ferric chloride, another environmental etching solution was used in this example, but the recovery is not easy because of ferric chloride, sprayed to wash clothes out and has a strong pollution, so now have to switch to environmentally friendly etching solution. Finally, to tell you that needs to be restored after the etching solution fails, then the need to restore a package called recycling liquid waste treatment agent, if you buy into the environment where the etching solution must also sell the same package must first dissolved in water, Take an etching after more than three times more than plastic pots plastic containers, the failure of the etching solution and the treatment agent is added slowly with stirring, appears blue silt-like, completely mixed and then add some water stir, etc. After 24 hours of silt-like substance will precipitate, and then after that sludge filter cloth can throw in the garbage truck, please be sure to make it a complex process, please do not directly into the ditch which will destroy the environment, like DIY Oh also caring for the earth!So we candiy pcb with out PCBAssembly services

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's a beautiful looking circuit board! You might want to think about breaking up your big block of text in step 4 to make it easier to read. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    LOL, I wrote all text in step 4 because I'm a lazy man.