Circuit Board Wall Lamp!!!!!

Introduction: Circuit Board Wall Lamp!!!!!

Ever wander what you're going to do with all of those circuit boards you have collected from taking apart countless VCR's, TV's, Casset Players, and other out of date or broken electronics.
Well how about putting them to good use by making this extremely low cost light that is made out of things you probebly have lying around your house

Step 1: Supplies

All you will need for this build is:
-Some sort of light source
-A circuite board (duh)
-Foam board (cardboard works just as well)
-plus 2 wire nuts and some sort of switch

the tools you'll need are:
-Dikes (wire cutters)
-Box knife (X-acto knife, Blade)
-Flat head screwdriver

Step 2: Choosing the Right Board

Now the first thing you're going to want to do is find a good board.

You dont want a board that is covered in traces (the small wires imbeded in the board)
You want one that looks great behind the light

Step 3: Preparing the Board

After you've chosen the board you like, the next thing you're going to want to do is remove all the components on the section of the board you will be using, being careful not to crack it.

Once you're done getting everything off you can cut it to its desired size.
you do this by scoring it with your blade 3-4 times then snapping it in half over a table or other flat surface

Step 4: The Box

Now you can start to make the box

first take your board and trace the perimeter on the foam board (or cardboard)
cut that out and set it to the side
then cut some 2' strips out  of the foam (enough to cover the hole perimeter of the piece you just cut)

you can start the line the outside of the foam board with the 2'' strips and everytime you bend it you're gonna want to cut a "V" shaped notch on the inside of where you want to bend it

now tape it all up and make sure its the right size with the circuit board

Step 5: Finishing Up the Light

Almost there
now the inside of the box needs to be lined with foil (shiny side up)

then you're gonna need to cut a holl in the bottom of the box and feed the light through

(Optional if you want a switch)
after that ONE of the wires needs to be cut and both ends stripped.
use the two wire nuts to atatch the wires from the switch to the wires on the light

Tape down all the wiring and the light

then use the either tape the board to the box or nail it

hang it up and you're done!!!

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Ryan Hebron
Ryan Hebron

6 years ago on Introduction

great job. thanks for doing this i have a lot of pcb's lying around. have you considerd using led strips to get a more even light on the board?


Reply 4 years ago

Not yet.