Circuit Scribe Resistors

Introduction: Circuit Scribe Resistors

Circuit Scribe is a really neat kit that uses conductive ink in drawing your own circuits. This is really cool because it allows you to doodle your own circuit board! In the following steps, we are using the "Developer Circuit Scribe, Draw Your Own Circuits" 48 piece set. The kit comes with magnetic modules (input, connection, output, and power) that connect to the lines you have drawn and create a circuit. The following Instructable will detail the creation of a circuit with the addition of a resistor.

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Step 1: Fill in the Current Lines.

The workbook provided with the kit will show where exactly to fill your lines with the conductive ink. The diagram is fairly comprehensive though, so it's possible to create these circuits without the workbook.

Fill in the lines, connecting where each of the modules will be set.

Step 2: Apply the Resistor to the 2-pin Module

Resistors slow the flow of current through a circuit. Since the objective of this current is to light an LED bulb, adding a resistor will simply dim the brightness of the bulb. The resistance value is measured in ohms.

Use the chart to find the resistor value in ohms. The resistor chosen in this example has brown, black, and orange stripes, therefore the resistor value is 10,000 ohms.

Step 3: Observe the Results.

Underneath of your circuit board (the paper you have drawn on) should be a steel sheet. This allows the magnetic modules to secure in their position. Once you turn the power module on you will see the LED light up. The light appears dimmer than it would with a direct current between the power (battery) and output (LED).

Step 4: Attempt With a Photo Resistor.

The photo resistor changes resistance when light is shined on it.

In the second image it is possible to see how bright the LED is without any resistance. When the photo resistor is covered, the light appears to dim.

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