Circuit Shirt (T Shirt Hacks Contest)




Introduction: Circuit Shirt (T Shirt Hacks Contest)

This is a great way to show off your nerdiness or just have a cool shirt. All you need are a bunch of circuit boards (Actually, just get something electronic, smash it open and you can use pretty much anything in there), hot glue, and an old t shirt.

Step 1: Making the Shirt

First, take whatever electronic device you have smashed and just poke around in it taking whatever looks cool. ANYTHING will do. Get a good amount of stuff though. Next lay your shirt out and place the objects where you think they look the best, get them the way you like it. Now just heat up the hot glue gun and glue everything down. Thats it. Your done.



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    8 Discussions

    If you attached the boards in a semi-logical (or illogical) way and just ran some none functioning wires "hooking" everything up, maybe adding a "blinkie" or something, it would be mos deff!

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    That would be a great idea, but i would need some type of power source. I can't really put a battery pack on the back because it would be too heavy to wear, like this isn't heavy enough already.

    yeah, i cud try that, but the thing is, i would never wear this in public or anywhere else for that matter. not because it sets off all the "hes a loser" signals in the popular people's minds at school, but it weighs like 3 tons!!!

    Nerd your doing the same thing again and again you need to put photos in sequence and needs pictures of the process.

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    Dang, im new to this, sorry, i will try to fix all of my shirts tonight, thank you for the advice. I am sorry.