Circuit Symbols

Introduction: Circuit Symbols

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Here are some links/photos of most basic schematic symbols.
Useful if you are ever trying to understand someone else's circuit and don't recognize some of the parts. can be very useful.  Has a great database of every variation of each symbol.  Easy to look up some odd symbols you may come across

Some other useful links:

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    I just wanted to pass along a big THANK YOU to you for your "instructable" on fixing a Bosch dishwasher !! I own a very similar model (it is just a little older than yours) and as it turned out, my heater relay on the control panel had a cracked solder joint. I didn't have another relay of the same type, however I figured for the cost of a little of my time and solder, I could save over $140 bucks (the cheapest price I could find for a new board online). Again, Thank you for your time and effort in making that "instructable" - Glenn Howarth, Westbrook, Maine, USA