Circuits Design Tutorial

Introduction: Circuits Design Tutorial

In this videotutorial, the design of a circuit using a software simulation tool will be explained step by step. First an online tool will be used and its main functions will be explained.

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Step 1: Circuits Design Videotutorial

The design and test of circuits has been the big step before the implementation of the software-electronics into the mecanics, for a robot/mechatronic proyect. The simulation of circuits on a bread board, sometimes has been a difficult task when the internal wiring of the bread board has one or many defects. Nowadays a great advantage is the simulation of the electronics using a software, and if the simulation of a development board (Arduino for example) is also possible, the task of debugging the code and its integration with sensors, motors, etc. becomes a more efficient task.

There are many tools available for test and simulation, some of them requires a licence, other are open source and a third alternative are also the tools available online. In this videotutorial will be explained step by step how to simulate a circuit that turns on/off a LED using a switch. The videotutorial has subtitles in english.

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