Ciri's Leather Corset Belt (pattern)

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I love Witcher 3 and Ciri is one of my favourite character. If you want to make her cosplay as well , here is easy step by step tutorial how to sew her leather corset belt which you can use as normal part of the styling as well.

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Step 1: Inspiration

Ciri :-)

Step 2: Patterns

Step 3: What Do You Need to Sew Leather Corset Belt?

You need:

  1. real leather or other fabric
  2. scissors
  3. sewing machine
  4. pen
  5. hook and eye fasteners
  6. stick glue

Step 4: How to Sew Corset Belt?

Copy parts of the pattern on leather and cut them ,you should receive 8 parts of leather belt.

Remember to sign every part of the belt like on pattern!

Step 5: How to Sew Pieces of the Corset Belt Together?

with little help of clips sew all parts together , remember to use right signs like on pattern

Step 6: How to Strengthen the Seam Sewing With Leather?

straighten the steam with help of scissors and glue it (1st photo)

next sew it again like on photo (2nd photo)

Step 7: How to Strenghten the Ends of the Belt?

copy and cut endings of the corset once again

next glue it so your belt's ends will be even more secure

Step 8: What Kind of Clasp You Can Use?

  1. zipper
  2. hook and eye fasteners
  3. buttons ( it's important to add some leather for button holes)
  4. snaps
  5. snap fasteners
  6. rivets

I chose hook and eye fasteners

Step 9: How Ready Corset Belt Looks Like?

Voila ! Ciri's corset belt is ready

more photos from my cosplay %(^-^)%

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