Citrus-mint Drink

Hi everybody,

I thought i'd share this very simple, but still favourite drink for the hot summer days.!

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Step 1: The Ingredients

What do you need?
It's very simple:

- a lemon (preferably biologically grown. If not, make sure to scrub it with hot water to get rid of any impurities on the skin before using. )

- a few (4 or 5) fresh sprigs of mint (Any mint will do, i use moroccan mint)

- a spoonful of honey

- ah yes, and a container / pitcher /whatever that can be closed tightly and can hold at least two litres of water.

Step 2: Preparation

Simply cut the lemon in half, squeeze the juice out of one half in your pitcher / container / whatever,

and cut the remaining half in decorative slices.

Add lemon slices, mint sprigs and the honey to your container, fill up with one liter water, close tightly and swirl around to let the honey dissolve.

Then fill the container up to the brim, close and let refrigerate a few hours, but overnight is better.

And there you are, a great and refreshing beverage (very cheap too) for the hot days!


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