City Year-Little Free Library

Introduction: City Year-Little Free Library

All panels to this project should be painted before the actual assembly of the library.

Step 1: Drill Bottom Into Back

Make sure that the Back board is sitting on top of the Bottom. Connect with wood glue before drilling from the Bottom making sure to catch the Back.

Step 2: Attach Sides

Using wood glue attach both of the side pieces so that they are sitting on the floor and are aligned to the Back board.

Step 3: Install the Shelf

Using a level make a horizontal line 1' high across the inside of the structure. This will be guiding line for installing the shelf. Use the the corner braces to secure the shelf following the 1' line.

Step 4: Install the Door

Remove the layer of film from both sides of the plexi-glass. Screw in the plexi-glass to the inside of the door over the square cut out. Install the the door pull to the outside of the door on the right hand side. Attach the door to the structure using the two 3.5" hinges. Attach the double hinged hasp to the front and side of the door.

Step 5: Drill in the Roof

Lay the sheet metal over the top of the structure, making sure that it fits smoothly over the open area. Take both of the roof panels and lay them on top of the sheet metal. Make sure that the angled ends of the panels meet at the apex of the roof. (*The sheet metal will act as an extra layer of protection from leaks and other elements)

Please make sure that the door is able to swing freely as it may be interrupted by the over hang of the roof.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! Is this one of those "take a book, leave a book" sort of things?

    I like the idea quite a bit. Where have you placed this?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yea that's exactly what it is. I Made it it for a elementary school in Boston. The students staff have been really excited about it.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Very nice work, and for a great cause.